Happy clients, referrers & suppliers saying nice things

Many of our clients require their details to be kept confidential due to the nature of our work so full details of the parties involved are not always possible.

However, we like people to do their own due diligence so they feel comfortable working with BIR Solutions.  So, should you wish to speak to any of our clients and referrers of BIR Solutions, we would be happy to give you a number of business people to contact.

For people who are in a position to provide their full details

John D’Arcy – Evans (client) John hired you as a Business Consultant in 2004

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity

“I have known Michael for some time and referred him one of our clients. Michael has and continues to provide invaluable assistance to the business owner and has facilitated a range of practical improvements which have had a positive outcome on that business. I am also involved in a strategic thinking group established and chaired by Michael which meets regularly to discuss a range of issues that impact on the effectiveness of business and their owners. I have no hesitation in recommending Michael who will look at your business or situation in a very practical but innovative way.” August 24, 2010

Siu Ling Hui (client) Siu Ling hired you as a Business Consultant in 2008

Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

“I have referred Michael numerous times to assist (i) business owners whose businesses are financially stressed; & (ii) business people dealing with delicately poised situations. Michael brings fresh perspectives to the situation at hand and is always focused on the client’s best interests. He has that rare and important quality of empathy when dealing with business owners facing severe financial distress. Michael is someone in whom in whom I have the utmost confidence as a professional. He’s a great human being too!” August 25, 2010

Ray Brennan, Director- Corporate Portfolio Management, ANZ (business partner)
was with another company when working with you

“Assignment was in the TCF industry where Michael had gained good skills as a result of many years of consultancy assignments across a broad spectrum of businesses. A hard worker/ clear thinker and experienced advisor.” August 24, 2010

Peter Wallace (client) Peter hired you as a Business Consultant in 2004 and hired you more than once

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

“I did my MBA with Michael and when the (unfortunate) need came up for some turnaround assistance for one of our investments, I naturally approached Michael. He has an ability to get on top of the main issues quickly and handles stressful situations with the calm that you expect from someone with his experience” August 29, 2010

Paul Fordyce (client) Paul hired you as a Accountant in 1997

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative

“I have worked with Michael over many years. Michael is a very astute restructuring practitioner who has achieved excellent results for the administrations that have been entrusted to him. He can see the issues that need to be addressed and has the savvy to address them. Always a pleasure to work with him.” September 12, 2010

Rudy Dieperink Chief Operating Officer, Ottens Flavors (business partner)
“I worked with Michael to evaluate the market potential for Ottens Flavors in Australia. Michael presented a very well thought out and detailed plan that included all dimensions critical to making a good decision. He proved his analytical and financial skills and also was a pleasure to work with. I have recommended Michael to others and I hope that the opportunity arises that I can work with him again.” August 29, 2010

Adam Vickers, Business Development Manager, BankWest (business partner)
“In my dealings with Michael, he always proved himself to be professional and friendly. He was very easy to deal with and his business experience added substantial value.” August 24, 2010

Peter Hosie, Sales Manager Australasia, Profiles International (business partner)
“I have known Michael for approximately 5 years, during this period I have been impressed with his abilities and energy levels. Michael has built a fantastic business with a loyal client base” August 24, 2010

Iain McKimm, Senior Business Consultant, Profiles International – Victoria (business partner)
“Michael has a wealth of knowledge in financial Management and delivers a no nonsense approach to assisting businesses who have challenges in modern day business.” August 24, 2010

Andrew Lane, Financial Adviser (Risk Insurance Specialist), Strategic Financial Solutions Pty Ltd (business partner)
“I got to know and trust Michael during our time in the same networking group he helped create in Melbourne. I consider him to be a true friend in business. Michael is engaging, motivating, honest and resourceful. He has the business smarts to add tangible value to a business, big or small; whether it be under duress, growing or winding down. Most of all, Michael has the people skills to match. I recommend Michael to you without hesitation. Andrew Lane Resort Manager, Broadwater Haven Deepwater, Queensland” August 25, 2010

Ian Hyman, CEO, Hymans Asset Management Pty Ltd (business partner)
“Michael is a brilliant advisor with a real knack for resolving structural issues within businesses. His practical experience over the past 25 years has given him great insight into the workings of business and helped him develop his skills in guiding and leading companies through change. He also represents great value for money.” August 25, 2010

Jonathan Castletine-Jackson, Market Research Consultant, The Alchemists (business partner)
“I have worked both for and with Michael over the past 4 years and enjoyed every minute. Michael has great vision and the ability to approach challenging business problems laterally. He is also very detailed in his approach which means he is able to work the big picture down to the last detail – and this sets Michael apart because he can not only evaluate a business idea, but has the neccesary skills to implement and deliver.” August 26, 2010

Peter Barnet, Sales and Marketing Innovator, Print Impressions (business partner)
“Michael is an extremely capable individual who would be one of the first person you should choose if you get into a situation where you need business restructure advice.” August 26, 2010

Dean Fakira, Corporate Authorised Representative, Rowland House Insurance Brokers (business partner)
“I’ve known Michael for the past 3 years and is a client who I highly recommend. Michael operates a successful business that specialises in Management & Strategic Business solutions, Human Capital Solutions, restructuring and liquidation solutions. Michael really cares for his clients to provide the best solution to their business needs. I highly endorse Michael and wish him continued success.” August 26, 2010

Benedict Appleby Director, Stockstreet Interactive Pty Ltd (business partner)
“It is obvious to me through the work that we have been engaged to produce for BIR that Michael maintains a “customer-first” priority for his clients. His business savvy and amiable nature makes him an ideal partner for those who require strategic advice.” August 27, 2010

Peter Philipp Director, TechOnline Pty Ltd (business partner)
“Michael is practical and driven to provide business outcomes that deliver value to his clients. His broad corporate experience is augmented by a hands-on approach to assist businesses across a range of financial, staffing/HR and business/marketing issues. Great value.” August 29, 2010

John Irving Owner, Dundee Bay P/L (business partner)
“Michael is a very positive and focussed consultant with a knack for bringing people together and generating positive outcomes.” August 31, 2010

Rod Hyman, Executive Chairman, Hyman Bros Pty Limited (business partner)
“I worked with Michael for many years when he was a partner at one of the major accounting firms. I always found Michael to be at the cutting edge of the profession, efficient and incisive in his thinking. I am happy to be able to recommend Michael.” August 23, 2010

For people who cannot provide their full details (often the clients and/or their advisors or financiers)

“We wish we had involved  you 12 months ago. A fantastic result which we and our advisors could not (and did not) achieve.”  Rob & John, Directors

“Michael, you have an amazing ability to process complex data and come up with workable and innovative solutions.  I will definately use you again”  Ken, Accountant

“You always seem to have time to deal with our problems and you deal with them quickly and efficiently – you make me feel as if I am your only client and you can dedicate all your resources to solve my problems.  You never have to say ‘I will need to come back to you on that.'”  Rohan, Director, Retail: Building

“Michael has been quick to respond and spot on with his advice.”  Robert, Principal, Law

“Michael has been very supportive for both my business and my family situation and has made sure we have done all the things we needed to do.  His breadth of skills, initiative and commitment to follow through has been just what we needed.”  Colin, Business Owner, Construction

“Michael ran the business as if it was his own, looking for cost effective solutions whereever possible.”  Steven, Business Owner, Importing, & Assembly: Furniture

“Tran and the BIR Solutions team have always been a pleasure to work with. This is due to their high ethical standards, openness and ability to work with their principles as a team to achieve the desired result. I highly recommend Tran, Michael and BIR Solutions.”  Ben, Business Owner & Consultant: Food

“Michael is one of those exceptional business consultants. Being a consulting company ourselves, we were looking for someone who not only had the skills to challenge us but also the depth of knowledge in building highly successful enterprises. Michael helped with our organisational restructuring to allow us to create a stronger and even more profitable business.”   William, Business Owner, Business Consulting: Business Owners

“Michael has been able to show the senior management team new ways of looking at old problems, breaking them down into bite size pieces so a solution is seen as achievable and doable.  Michael has also been able to add value to my role as CEO by assisting me deal with a number of difficult and seemingly intransient problems.”   Rohan, Business Owner, Retail: Building

“Tran has a good understanding of the different requirements of industry and business, and commits herself to difficult projects with a passionate energy to succeed. Often commented on, she has a delightful personality and a unique ability to listen, a skill often lost in today’s world. I highly recommend Tran.  Andrew, Manager, Import Industry: Food

“Michael’s communication style, his strategic plan and his attention to the needs of all the stakeholders, gave us the confidence to back his management when in all reality, we would normally have appointed a receiver. He was decisive and he quickly dealt with difficult issues involving incumbent management, a negative cultural environment and a history of poor strategic decisions.”  David, Manager, Lending: Invoice Discount Facility

“Over the past 10 years, Michael has provided us with advice on a number of projects as well as general business advice. He is objective, clear and straightforward with his advice and open in his communication style. When dealing with other parties with whom we have been in negotiation, these characteristics have ensured his views are considered and respected. His strategic and financial acumen have also meant that we have been able to justify and communicate our position in negotiations.”  Sebastian, Business Owner, Wholesale Distribution: Entertainment

“Tran has demonstrated sound technical knowledge matched with a keen commercial focus. Her skill was evident with her ability to achieve a consistent balance between meeting the needs of her customers and achieving the commercial objectives of the business. She has always shown steadfast integrity and honesty in her business dealings, and a willingness to embrace new challenges.”   Roland, Manager, Manufacturing: Food

“If it was not for Michael, I would have not have stayed on during a very difficult and challenging time.”  Robert, Senior Employee, Manufacturing: Food

“Michael is full of great ideas. If you have a business problem, he treats it as a challenge to find the best solution. He not only challenges himself, he challenges you to optimise your business potential.”  Sue, Business Owner, Real Estate: Residential

“The business would not have survived without Michael’s involvement. He dealt with the business issues as well as the creditors and financiers in a way which ensured they continued to support the business during a difficult time.”   Norm, CEO, Manufacturing: Capital Equipment

“Michael was brought in to assist one of our clients who, if things did not change, would have ended up in Receivership. Michael was able to relate to our client in a way which enabled them to refocus their attention on the critical areas of their business and avoid the many distractions they were facing. Michael’s communication skills and financial analysis tools simplified complex issues so they could be easily understood by the non-financial members of the senior management team. As a result of Michael’s involvement and the client’s willingness to follow through with the necessary action, we now have a very profitable client who has cash in the bank as opposed to overdrawn loan advances.”  Rick, Manager, Lending: Commercial Loans

If you would like to find out more about how we help business owners, give us a call for a confidential, no obligations free chat on 1300 783 309 or contact us.