To pivot could totally change your business

Saw this on Anthill Beer o’clock email today (

What is fascinating about this video is you get to see what you don’t often see – how some of the common names in the e-world (You Tube – was a dating site!  Flickr was a gaming site, Groupon was a protest movement site!

In other words, what made them successful was often quite different to what their original concept was all about.

How could you apply this concept to your business?  To use one of the examples: what thin ‘slice’ of your business is the goldmine and what parts are merely ‘fill’? 

Next, how do you focus 100% on the goldmine and ditch the fill? 

PS this video will play but you may get what looks like an error message – a techno glitch that needs my web guys to look at :).  You can always make it full screen as well (bottom right hand button).


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