The key to motivating your employees & improving productivity the natural way:Dan Pink (TED)

2 interesting videos by Daniel Pink – choose one or the other or choose both! They are similar but have points of difference.

You will be challenged and perhaps motivated by Daniel Pink’s simple but effective VIDEO presentation – linked below.

His book, Drive – the Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us is a best seller for a reason.  It will make you think very differently about the power of your people and how you can start to tap into the power of your people.

3 things I gleaned (from this talk and from his book) – there’s plenty more but this is a compelling start:

  1. Money incentives do not motivate (and achieve) peak performance and creativity.  

    Now that’s a challenging one to start with! (Just a question before I move on, why did you start your business or start doing what you are now doing?  Was it to make lots of money or was it because of something a little deeper in your psyche? And if this was true for you, would you not think it would be true for others as well?).

  2. Tiger Woods and other elite sportsman know that perfection does not exist – but practice makes it much more achievable. 

    I recently heard Chris Anstey, Olympian & NBL star who is the new coach of Melbourne Tigers basketball team recently say that when asked by someone whether he felt nervous about missing when approaching a critical shot in a game, he said “No, I would have felt more surprised if I had missed.”  The logic being he had practiced and practiced and practiced the shot so many times to the point of almost perfection that it was more amazing when he missed that particular shot rather than when he put it through the hoop.

  3. If you can understand and communicate Why you are doing something, then you are more likely to be able to bring others with you.  

    As a buying motivator and as an employment engagement motivator Why you do something is more powerful than How you do something, What you do, Where you do it & When you do it.  Interestingly, most business strategy manuals do not focus heavily on the Why but they do extensively cover the How, What, When and Where – why is that?

    It is one of the reasons Apple is just so right for so many people.  Their Why is more powerful than their What or their How (there are lots of competitors out there offering similar or better Whats and Hows than Apple but with nowhere near Apple’s market share).  Apple’s Why?  We like to design things which are really cool to use and easy to use.

Clip #1

Clip #2

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