Future of Business in Australia

On 21 November 2012, as a guest of BIR Solutions, Paul Higgins of Emergent Futures gave an excellent presentation on the topic Some Trends Likely to Impact Australian Business in the Future 

This was a great presentation and it was warmly received by the audience.

This event has been the kick off in the start of a series of thought-provoking insights into how you, as a business owner, can continue to improve and build your better house of business – strong in solvency, viability, sustainability, people, finance and strategy.

We asked Paul to select for us some video clips he particularly liked to augment his presentation and get the audience thinking
But first, a bit about Paul and his company, Emergent Futures: www.emergentfutures.com.au 

Paul’s mission is to help you think better about how your business will optimally operate in the future.
Emergent Futures is a consulting company that adds value to the strategy creation process by the use of foresight tools and processes in the strategic thinking component of strategic planning.

  • Better undestanding the range of possible futures
  • Developing a vision of where your business will be in the future
  • Developing strategy to position your business in the future
  • Developing solutions to complex, intractable problems
  • Investigating specific issues or critical business uncertainties
  • Detecting weak signals of change
  • Boosting strategic thinking capability
  • Stimulating alternative thinking and challenging assumptions

Some of Paul’s favourite You Tube Clips

#1  West Wing – Why Are We Changing Maps?
Apart from being a funny clip, it will get you thinking about the way you always view things and it will ask you to consider, “What other perspectives could there be?”

#2  Cognitive Bias Song

An interesting clip, using song to provide a range of circumstances and reasons as to when you will be likely to hold a bias which will influence your perspective.

#3  Edward Tenner – Unintended Consequences

In another great TED video, Edward explores the issue of unintended consequences – both good and bad – which emanate from a particular development or innovation.  He makes the point that unintended consequences often have far reaching effects but often, they are unable to be given any weighting of probability of occurring prior to them happening.  The examples are fascinating. 

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