Feedback and Feedback Loops

BS 140328

No matter what area of your business you are looking to fix, feedback is the breakfast of champions.

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Are your assets misspent cash?

BF 130801

Are you ever tempted to ask "Do my assets look big in my sleek and lean business?" .

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Winding up a solvent company

SS 070301

Not all winding ups relate to insolvent situations

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The restructuring process

SS 071101

Find out some details about restructuring before you start

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The process of informal restructuring

SS 070501

Ensuring early intervention leads to a successful business turnaround.

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5 lessons learned from the collapse of Clive Peeters

SS 100502

Clive Peeters is not the exception to the rule. What happened here is the rule - for many businesses which are in financial difficulty.

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Saving Stakeholders & Saving Businesses

SS 080501

With planning, business failure can be the start of something new, something bright and something exciting.

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Restructuring when insolvent – a detailed review

SS 061101

This review provides an understanding of the key issues in plain English .

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When Plan B means Surivival

SS 070801

Solutions for companies and their directors in high pressure solvency situations

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Part payment of debts – should you deposit that cheque?

SS 100701

Can a debtor make a part payment of a debt and stipulate that by banking the cheque, the creditor accepts that the debt has been paid in full?

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