Using education for business learning (TED)

BS 140602

Listen to these 3 TED talks and get inspiration as to how your business could do things differently

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Take the E Test Flip #15/16 Dan Pink

HC 140601

If you ever want to understand your boss, corner him at the next office party and see if he’ll play a little game

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Interview questions to die for

HC 140501

When it comes to interviewing, if you want real answers you have to ask the right questions — the more unexpected, the better.

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More Than You Want to Know About Hiring

INC 121204

Learn the importance for start ups of being able to hire and fire your close friends (yes, it does sound ugly when put like that). But doing both successfully may make your company.

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6 Things Entrepreneurs Wish Family, Friends and Employees Understood

BS 140601

If people around entrepreneurs are able to acknowledge the following six points, everyone can benefit

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5 Steps for Defining Your Company’s Culture

BS 140502

Determining if someone fits the culture starts by defining the culture, not by defining the person.

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Feedback and Feedback Loops

BS 140328

No matter what area of your business you are looking to fix, feedback is the breakfast of champions.

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How to Eliminate 50% of All Hiring Mistakes in 30 Minutes *ABI 1310

HC 130901

Did you know that more hiring errors are made in the first few minutes of an interview than at any other time.

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Increase sales by eliminating commissions Flip # 3/16 Daniel Pink *ABI 1309

BS 130801

Don't doubt this - research says it works - are you up to the challenge?

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Customers who leave you don’t have to – if you don’t want them to

BS 130703

1 in 11 Customers leave you because of price - find out why the other 10 leave you

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