Feedback and Feedback Loops

BS 140328

No matter what area of your business you are looking to fix, feedback is the breakfast of champions.

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Are your assets misspent cash?

BF 130801

Are you ever tempted to ask "Do my assets look big in my sleek and lean business?" .

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What happens when your bank stops lending?

BF 090702

When Able Planet's bank pulled his $2.5 million line of credit, founder Kevin Semcken had to think fast.

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The Right Finance for Your Business or Home Loan

BF 080501

Getting the right loan for you or your business is not just about the interest rate. But you knew that didn't you?

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Financial statements can tell lies

BF 060701

A quick summary of some of the main causes of misstatement - See more at:

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Small firms face higher rates

BF 100702

Just when business owners thought they had had everything thrown at them, they now have to shoulder more from their friends at the banks.

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How I found my big investor

BF 100703

Getting investment ready starts the day you start your business .

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Getting Inside the Head of a Venture Capitalist

BF 100901

VCs can sometimes prove difficult to understand - read this and find out how some of them think.

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Get your Wings with Angel Investors

BF 090701

Never dealt with an angel? Here's what you need to know.

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Get more bang for your CFO buck – tips for business owners

BF 061001

Why a part time CFO may be a solution for your business.

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